WowPot slot machines attract mountains of players every day thanks to multi-million dollar jackpots. It’s also why game pros want to find the most effective tricks to win big on these slot machines.

We’ve listed some tips and tricks in our article that boost the odds of winning. You can increase your chances to win a jackpot of more than 2 million by applying them.

Tips for winning the jackpot on a bonus wheel of a WowPot slot machine

WowPot games headline at many online casinos and have become the most played slot machines on the Web in 2022. Before the WowPot concept went live, Mega Moolah was the most dazzling online slot.

To date, Mega Moolah and WowPot slot machines payout the most money on the Internet.

WowPot and RTP

Slot machines in the WowPot network don’t all have the same payout rates (RTP). So if you want to focus on the title with the best odds of winning, the trick is to find the slot machine with the best RTP rate.

Looking closely at the list of slots on specialized guides, the WowPot title Book of Atem has the best RTP at 93.50%.

Payment frequencies

WowPot slot machine games have giant max jackpots up for grabs. Unfortunately, the volatility of these games is high, meaning that the mega pot is not easy to win. In fact, since the launch of the 1st WowPot slot in February 2020, only three players have managed to win the jackpot of over 2 million.

The games in the series work like classic slot machines in terms of payout frequencies. It is pretty easy to accumulate winnings during the game, but not always easy to hit large sums of money.

Max betting tips

Many slot machines have variable betting options. The WowPot network is no exception!

Overall, WowPot slot betting options are as follows:

  • Small bets from 10 cents per spin.
  • Average bets from $2 to $25 per spin.
  • Big bets up to $300 per spin on Sisters of Oz.

Starting with 10 cents bets per spin, you don’t stand a chance of winning the jackpot on WowPot slots. On the other hand, with $2 spins, you’re certainly in with a chance.

However, the best odds of winning come from max bets of $300 on the Sisters of Oz WowPot slot.

Book of Atem: The max bet trick

The Book of Atem WowPot slot machine has max bet options of $25 per round. By calibrating the game at $25 per spin, landing the Book of Atem WowPot bonus wheel is a reality. This pro trick is the best-known tip to date for winning the jackpot on this star slot machine.
Tips for Winning the WowPot on the Book of Atem Wheel

Book of Atem tips and Sisters of Oz tips

If you use max bets on Sisters of Oz WowPot, the payout frequency is higher than Book of Atem. However, it is pretty crazy to bet $300 per spin on the Sisters of Oz WowPot slot machine. In addition, on the list of big winners in the series, the Book of Atem pays out big jackpots the most often.
Tips for max bets on the Sisters of Oz slot machine
Furthermore, the Sisters of Oz WowPot random number generator favors big wins when bets are at least $25 per spin. So if you’re a high-flying gambler, Sisters of Oz is the slot for you.

Strategies and results

As with any kind of winning tip, there are never any guarantees of success. In addition, any casino game favors the gambling house. With slot machines, games retain a fraction of all bets; that fraction is equal to 100% minus the RTP rate.

Knowing how it works with WowPot slots, the trick of only spinning a few times, but with high bets, is the way to go. If, for example, you have a budget of $100, you’re betting off making $5 bets instead of going for 10 cents per spin. As surprising as it may seem, this trick is the most effective when trying to hit the jackpot.

Free bonuses

Do casino bonuses really increase the chances of winning? Sadly, the answer is no, they hardly change anything. Although welcome bonuses attract people, they aren’t going to win you a WowPot jackpot. The strict terms of use that come with Free Bonuses ruin any chance of winning big.

The most drastic condition of the welcome bonuses are the limits on max bets. However, one of the advantages with the bonuses is that they allow you to become familiar with the online casino.

Free spins

Free spins offers at WowPot online casinos are not profitable. Besides, not all casino free spin deals allow you to win big. Just like with bonus offers, spin offers have limits.

However, there are exceptions with casino sites targeting the Mega Moolah series games. These exceptions come from the Casino Rewards group sites. In Canada’s top 10 best online casinos, Casino Rewards’ Zodiac site has a free spins offer you don’t want to miss.

On WowPot offers, free spins deals are 10 cent spins per round. Out of all WowPot bonuses and free spins offers, only bonus promos give you a chance to win money, but with specific limits.

WowPot summary tips

The experts in our guide have tested WowPot slots in great detail. The goal was to find out the best tricks for winning the jackpot. According to our findings, the best method is setting your spins to max bets each round.

A word of caution

Always stay in control! You should never assume tricks for winning the jackpot guarantee a payout. Even if you have a high budget, you could still lose all your money in a few spins.

Set a reasonable limit if you want to enjoy the game and limit the risks. Both in terms of money and time. The more time players spend gambling, the more they tend to bet addictively. To avoid any sticky situations, only bet money you can afford to lose.