Payout percentage and return to player

The RTP (Return to Player) percentage on online casino games is crucial for showing profitability. The closer the return per player is to 100%, the fairer the balance is between player and casino. Game payouts of 100% are equal to a 50/50 split between the casino and the player. To maximize the chances of winning, it’s best to choose games with the highest rate of return per player.

Casino games and payouts

Each game has its own payout. It differs depending on the game and the version. For a slot machine, the payout percentage is set by the gambling house, whereas for table games, it’s set by the rules of the game. A slot machine uses random and programmed return rates. While Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Craps are governed by the rules of the game.

Online casinos and ideal redistribution rates

Overall, online casinos always have a better payment rate than land-based casinos. Simply because online casinos have less fees than real casinos. Land-based casinos have huge operating costs such as rent, staff, insurance and advertising. The exact opposite of an online casino. They are competitive when it comes to treating their customers and calibrate the return per player percentage of their slot machines up. In fact, the most profitable games and largest winnings records are found at the best online casinos.

Casinos with the best payouts

Out of all the online casinos tested by our team, Zodiac Casino and Luxury Casino came out as having the best payouts. Rest assured, these rates are official and recognized by the gaming commissions in Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom. The latest audits and tests revealed a return to player of 97.2% at both these casinos.

Luxury Casino – Blackjack and Roulette


The Luxury Casino site is a profitable online casino with a worthwhile return to player on table games. You can make the most of a generous C$1000 welcome bonus on amateur Roulette and Blackjack too!

Zodiac Casino – Slot machines


One of the most iconic online casinos to play slot machines. If you love progressive video slots, get ready to be spoiled. After depositing the first dollar you can try your luck on Mega Moolah, A.K.A the most profitable slot machine ever. In total there are C$500 worth of bonuses up for grabs.

Choosing casinos that pay more

The online casinos in our guide pay well and represent the most lucrative choices for players. Overall, each online casino displayed on our guide has a return to player of 97%. It’s easy to see why online casinos attract players looking for higher profitability, as traditional casinos, like those in Las Vegas and Ontario, have an RTP of 94%.

Return to player percentages on games

Below we’ve made a list of games and their payout rates, starting with the most profitable. It’s worth noting that slot machines make the most money, which is why they remain the most popular.

Video poker – 99% rate

The classic versions of video poker have the highest payout rates at casinos. Inspired by the rules of poker, video poker is a favorite amongst card players. The most popular online casinos display a return to player close to 100% on video poker. Currently, the casino site with the best video poker rates is Luxury Casino.

Blackjack – 98% rate

One of the world’s favorite card games! The rules of Blackjack are easy to follow, but there are several versions. The most profitable is the European version, which, thanks to the rules, has a 98% payment rate. We recommend heading to Casino Action’s online casino to play Blackjack, as they have such a good free bonus program. Of course, the bonuses received on each deposit are subject to conditions, but they are reasonable and easy to adhere by. Compared to other bonus offers, Casino Action is the most attractive for playing Blackjack. In fact, Casino Action is one of the most generous casino sites in terms of free welcome bonuses.

Roulette – 97.5% rate

The king of casino games. This iconic game exists in several versions, with the European roulette being the most profitable. With a payout reaching an impressive 97.5%, Gaming Club is the best online casino to play Roulette. Gaming Club is ranked as the best online casino in the world by many experts. Moreover, you can even play live online with real dealers. It’s key to remember to only bet on European Roulette, as other Roulette wheels, like the American one, don’t have the same RTP.

Slot machines – 96% average rate

Best RTP online slot machine
Slot machines come in several categories. First, there are the classics with 3 reels, which also have the highest return to player. Next, we have video slots, which are the most popular with profitable payment rates and jackpots exceeding C$250,000. Finally, there are progressive slots, with an RTP of 90%, which may seem low, but still worthwhile. With progressive slots, a fraction of each bet feeds into the jackpot during play. All in all, progressive slots have the highest jackpots despite having a lower return per player.

Classic Slots – 97% Rate

These 3-reel slot machines are the easiest to play. With some basic features, and plenty of winning combos, securing a jackpot is easy. In general, jackpots max out at around C$100,000 on conventional slot machines. We recommend that you head to if you’re looking for a great place to play some classic slots!

Video slots – 96% rate

Equipped with five reels and popular themes, these slots have no shortage of winning combinations. Each video slot can trigger free spins that multiply the winnings. If you’re feeling lucky and looking to get spoiled, visit Gaming Club, where their video slots can earn you up to $250,000.

Progressive Slots – 90% rate

These slot machines have the biggest jackpots because a fraction of each bet made feeds into the current jackpot. The more bets, the more the jackpot increases! Although progressive slots only pay out an average of 90%, they’re still a favorite for players looking to win big. The highest jackpots can exceed one million, and Grand Mondial’s site is where to go if you want to try your luck at winning one. This online casino takes pole position when it comes to progressive slots and is home to thousands of daily players looking to win big. Thanks to this audience, Grand Mondial holds the biggest earnings records at Mega Moolah. The winners list is so big that it competes with the biggest casinos in America and Europe.

Casinos with the highest chance of winning

There are hundreds of online casinos on the internet, and just like real gambling houses, some are better than others. After searching for the best paying casinos, our experts and testers have chosen the most promising casinos. You can find these casinos displayed on our homepage. Each one is official and legal in Canada, as well as in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Legitimacy of online casinos

If you want to be certain of its reliability, it’s important that the online casino you’re playing at is recognized in Canada or Europe. In fact, any certified casino in Canada or Europe guarantees quality and honesty. In practice, with a legitimate online casino, each player has the same chance of winning and has insurance on all payments.

The return to player percentage – a barometer for success

This famous index is a great barometer for players looking to win and increase probability factors. But, first of all, this return to player percentage must be authentic and proven. In other words, the casino must pay for real and not be rigged.

Return to player percentages differ from casino to casino

Traditional casinos generally have a return to player (RTP) percentage that ranges from 93% to 95%. This is lower than the RTP percentage at most popular virtual casinos. In fact, the most profitable online casinos have payment rates of over 97%. The RTP percentage is calculated by game control commissions. These independent committees have the power to verify these rates. Gambling commissions are based on casino software, the total amount wagered, and the amounts paid to the players. After gathering this data, the RTP percentage can be established.
A payout rate is the percentage of the money that a particular slot machine will pay out across its' life
In summary, it’s always worth checking the return per player percentage before betting because the higher they are, the better.

Random Number Generator

The point of the Random Number Generator (RNG) is to be independent. It guarantees the same chances of winning to each player. In other words, any player, whether it’s their first bet or 100th bet, can win. It goes without saying that the more you play, the more your odds increase. It’s like the lottery, a player buying a tick every week will have more chance of winning than a player who only buys one once a year. As stated before, the most profitable online slot machines are programmed to pay up to over 97%, which is more than in a classic game room.
The RNG generates numbers to correspond to the symbols on the reel of the slot machine

RNG determines the profitability of a slot machine

The Random Number Generator (RNG) on a slot machine is everything. The first slot machines in history used mechanical concepts to break out random combinations. These processes obviously had limitations. Today, these RNG processes are digitized. Everything is done with computer chips. This drives online slot machines with transparency. In addition, these generators are verified by the gaming commissions. Any online gambler wishing to bet money on slots machines can do so with complete confidence. In practice, it’s the RNG that determines the return to player percentage.

How to calculate the RTP percentage

Calculation the return to player percentage of each game is quite simple. Amounts placed over a defined period (usually 30 days) are divided by the winnings paid to the players.
Example: If a slot machine had $100,000 worth of bets over a given period and donated $97,000 over the same period. The return per player percentage would be established by dividing the winnings by the bets: 97,000 / 100,000 = 97%.