Last month on August 17, 2020, a player from Sweden won a monumental jackpot on an online slot machine.
The winning player cashed out €14,239,532 on the Mega Moolah slot at the Lucky Casino site. That’s equivalent to over C$22 million!
It’s two million more than the C$20,059,287 Canadian record on January 30, 2019 at Zodiac Casino.
Mega Moolah Win August 2020 - Over 14 Million Won at Lucky Casino

Monumental annual record

The sudden win on August 17, 2020 at Lucky Casinos site is the biggest slots jackpot this year.
Who’d have thought the win at Zodiac Casino (over C$20 million), or the win at the Canadian Jackpot City site (C$16 million) would be beaten by so much.
Lucky Casino

2020 – A good year for the Mega Moolah

Between the August 17 win and the other 2020 Mega Moolah slots winnings, 2020 is an exceptional vintage. This year has already been marked by five gigantic jackpots cashed on the slot. These winnings have propelled this slot into the spotlight. Progressive slots fans can only rub their hands together now if they win – this crazy game will probably be even more successful.

The number of Mega Moolah players is constantly increasing, which only enhances the super jackpot’s value as it depends on the sums wagered, hence why record jackpots are won there.


5 Mega Wins in 2020


#1.CA$ 16,496,3475 aprilJackpot City
#2.NZ 13,615,8618 mayRiver Belle
#3.CA$ 9,959,55324 mayJackpot City
#4.CA$ 4,480,84727 mayGrand Mondial
#5.€ 14,239,53217 augustLucky Casino

The 2020 record wins listed above are from January 1 to September 3 on the progressive slot Mega Moolah. There will undoubtedly be more wins of over a million before the end of the year, and hopefully, even a giant jackpot. Odds are, the pot is already above 3.7 million today. In just three weeks, the Mega Moolah’s super in-game jackpot has grown from 1 million to almost 4 million (with each mega win, the jackpot restarts to 1 million). Online slots activity is high every day – and the more bets are made, the higher the game prize pool reaches.

The millionaires’ slot

There are a few online slots on the market with jackpots exceeding one million. On the other hand, the Mega Moolah slot is the only one in the world with so many winners, earning its nickname the Millionaire Factory.
To follow the incredible jackpots made on this game, we keep a list of the ten biggest jackpots won since the game launched in 2006. After analyzing the best Mega Moolah victories, we found that Canadian players are the best represented. On closer inspection, Zodiac Casino and Grand Mondial sites have had the most impressive jackpots. These two casinos were ranked at the top of the list of best online casinos in our guide. Signing up to these slots sites to try your luck is a good choice – plus the extra free spins offers are an added bonus.

Prizes and payout ratios

The pots and payouts at Mega Moolah and the provider’s other games are attractive to slot fans. Microgaming, the Mega Moolah slot creator, is the most active casino games provider in virtual casinos. Their strong presence in online casinos isn’t due to chance. In fact, Microgaming is the crème de la crème of online slot manufacturers. Microgaming’s games are the highest rated in the gambling industry due to over hundreds of online casinos across the five Continents.
Profitable Microgaming online slots

Microgaming – Fairness and quality

With fair payout rates, the provider’s games pay out millions every day. As a player, you’re spoiled for choice with Microgaming’s 800 high-tech, bespoke, up-to-date games. No other casino game provider has this much to offer, especially when it comes to winning great prizes on profitable slots.

Join the millionaires club

Being part of the circle of winners turned millionaires on the Mega Moolah slot may seem unlikely. But with lots of luck and persistence, it’s achievable! Chance obviously plays a huge role, but the trick of making max bets also increases the odds of winning in this slot. While it’s possible to win the super pot with just one 25-cent coin, the odds of winning are the best with the C$6.25 per spin max bet option. Playing big at slots is risky, but with the Mega Moolah, it’s the right thing to do to increase the chances of making a fortune.

Go big or go home

If there’s one slot machine that wins more than the others, it’s the Mega Moolah. This slot is truly one of a kind!

Compared to slots in land casinos in Canada, the online Mega Moolah game is a heavyweight in the jackpot slots arena. And it’s by betting big that the real winners are most often rewarded at the Mega Moolah. According to the Mega Moolah winners, more than half of them made max bets to land on the lion’s paw, which triggers the Mega jackpot of over 1 million.

Go big or go home - Thinking big with the Mega Moolah slot

Testimonials from winners

It’s not known how the winner of April 17, 2020, managed to land the year’s biggest jackpot on Mega Moolah. This lucky Swedish player preferred to remain discreet about their win, which is understandable. Chances are he made max bets before he got lucky on the Mega Moolah bonus wheel.
It seems that the Casino Rewards group sites have the most positive player opinions and impactful results. Just on the Grand Mondial site alone, one of the group’s casinos, there are dazzling options. Casino players at these casinos say more about the gaming sessions that made them millionaires.