Modeled on the European casino wheel, Multifire Roulette is a modern version of the classic Roulette games. With each spin of the lucky number’s wheel, you could win up to 500 times the value of your bet.

Compared to casino wheels that do not pay more than 35 times the bet, Multifire Roulette is on a whole new level. Thanks to a slight modification on the paytable, Multifire pays big when you hit the winning number.

Multifire Roulette on Web Casinos in Canada

Intro to Multifire Roulette

Every spin of the Multifire wheel is a chance to win 500 times the value of your bet! Once you place your bets, 1 to 5 lucky numbers are randomly selected. You get the winning box’s multiplier if you bet in full on these numbers and your bets are winners.

Whether you bet on the zero box or one of the 36 numbers, every bet is a chance to win big. Multipliers can be from 50x to 500x. But even the smallest of multipliers pay better than classic casino Roulettes.

BetsFrom $0.25 to $1000
You can bet up to $125 on a single number and up to $1000 on simple odds.
Max. winningsDepending on your winning number’s multiplier, you can win up to 500x the bet.
CreatorsMicrogaming and Switch Studios

Straight Up bets

Betting on a single number in the Multifire game gives you the best winning options. All other bets follow the same principle as you find on the American and European wheels.

Of all the online casino games, Multifire Roulette is one of the table games offering the best chances of winning a jackpot.

If you make a winning bet on a wheel segment that is not a lucky number, you will get 29 times the bet value. This is where Multifire Roulette stands out from other Roulettes. Through this process, the game designers set up the ingenious system of lucky numbers, which pay up to 500x the bet.

Simple odds and joint numbers

Simple odds bets are when you gamble on the outer segments of the Roulette board. These stakes pay 1 to 2 times the winning bets. So whether you’re playing Multifire Roulette or any other 36-number casino Roulette, the game’s rules are the same, and it pays the same. The same is true for bets made on adjoining numbers, such as a Street of 3 Numbers (the line of numbers 1, 2 and 3, for example).

Bets on Roulette number boxes

Play Multifire Roulette Online

Most online casinos linked to Microgaming and Switch Studios feature the Multifire Roulette game. A well-designed Microgaming site to enjoy Switch Studios Roulette is Luxury Casino.

By opting for the Luxury Casino site, you can have a go at plenty of games from Switch Studios. In addition, there are also live games for mobile devices with real dealers.

Multifire Roulette Game Rules

To start playing, you have to place chips on the numbers of the Roulette rectangular board. Moreover, you can make several bets at once.

Once you have made your bets, just click on the SPIN button and watch the lucky numbers appear on the screen. Next, the ball launches into the circle of the wheel. As soon as the wheel slows down and is about to stop, the ball will randomly lodge in one of the 37 slots.

When the wheel stops, you will see if you have the winning number. Losing bets are removed from the game, and winning bets are paid. If you were lucky enough to make a winning bet on the single number, great! But if the winning number has a multiplier, even better! On a winning Straight Up bet (meaning a single whole number), you can get anywhere from 29x to 500x the value of your bet.

Bets and payments

Winning bets on Multifire Roulette, except for those made on a single number, pay out the same as in European Roulette.

The advantage of choosing Multifire over classic casino Roulette lies in the lucky number multipliers.

You can see for yourself on the Multifire Roulette payout table.

Max betting limits may vary from casino to casino, but the payout table in our article is the one used at many online casinos.

Multifire Roulette Payout Chart

Multifire Roulette Payout Chart


Multifire Roulette FAQs

  • What is the payout rate of the game?
    The Multifire Roulette payout rate is 97.3%, which is the same rate as classic Roulette.
  • Is it possible to play on a mobile?
    Yes, of course. The Multifire Roulette game is suitable for iPhone and Android devices.
  • What is the maximum amount of money you can win on Multifire Roulette?
    With a maximum bet of $125 on a single number, you’ll get $62,500 if the winning number has the 500x multiplier.
  • Does Switch Studios make other games?
    Yes, the company makes customized versions of Blackjack in addition to casino Roulette.
  • Are there any Switch Studios games with real dealers?
    No, not yet. But the publisher has enough know-how to immerse you in the gaming experience.

Want to know more about Multifire Roulette?
Go to the Switch Studios website to find out more or check out the publisher’s latest games.