You can play Blackjack and Roulette live from a smartphone! Whether you have an Android or iPhone device, the best mobile online casinos are smartphone-friendly. When it comes to table games, Blackjack and Roulette are the most popular games. However, you can also play other table games, such as Baccarat and Poker, at mobile casinos.

Mobile casino games live on smartphones

Androids and iPhones

The most popular mobile casino sites have been adapted to smartphones since 2010. You can enjoy mobile casinos without an App via a web browser on an iPhone or Android phone. Some of these casinos also give you the option to use an App. Both these ways to play are just as good as each other, but games without Apps are more popular.

Live Blackjack and Roulette

Smartphone casino operators have developed impressive live gaming solutions. For example, the online casinos in Canada featured in our guide offer you a genuine immersion into the world of gambling. The dealers at the tables are pros, and the betting options suit any size budget. Even though you can’t test live games in a live demo mode, as a member of a live online casino, you can observe the gaming tables.

Innovation and Technology

Live casino game publishers make their game catalogs available to their partner casinos. On the Internet, two publishers act as high-end suppliers. First up is the group Evolution, and in second place is the publisher On Air. These two groups use the most up-to-date technologies. In terms of innovation, these two references are considered among the best in the industry.

Smartphones compared to Computers

The number of smartphone gamers has been steadily increasing since 2010. To date, Android and iPhone gamers outnumber PC and Mac gamers. Faced with this trend, which is only growing, the top casino sites are constantly updating their offering. Considering the operating systems and web browsers of smartphones often evolve, web casino platforms have to adapt. Also, whenever a new model of smartphone launches, the top casino operators always ensure their games are compatible.

Best Live Casinos for Smartphones

The most popular casino sites on smartphones can be counted on one hand. Granted, there are plenty of online casinos that work on smartphones, but only a few stand out. The three sites, Zodiac Casino, Yukon Gold and Jackpot City, boast the best ratings on casino guides. By registering with one of these casinos, you know you’re getting access to some of the top games on the web. For example, with the Jackpot City site, you can enjoy the largest selection of live games for mobile devices. Additionally, their welcome program includes a generous bonus offer.

Moreover, certain bookmaker sites have live table games. In fact, you can find the complete series of games from the On Air publisher at It’s pretty wild that even on sports betting sites, Blackjack and Roulette are on the rise.

Guides to live casino games on smartphones

The mobile phone is at the heart of the world of casino games. There are even online Roulette guides that praise smartphones. The teams running these guides test the most popular casino sites and highlight games adapted to Blackjack and Roulette.

The smartphone’s worldwide success

The smartphone is global in the live gaming sector, and thanks to the biggest players on the web, online casinos have adapted to mobile screens. Tablets also contribute to the success of casino sites that are designed to work on smartphones. Operating systems and web browsers on smartphones work the same way as on tablets, so it was easy for online casino operators to adapt.

Android and iPhone market share

Whether you are in America, or anywhere else in the world, access to live games is made easier thanks to smartphones. All you need to start playing is internet access. Overall, Android casino games have the most players. According to statistics published by online casino operators, Android accounts for nearly 75% of mobile users. That leaves only 25% of the market for iPhones and iPads.

In terms of market share between computers and mobile devices, the number of players on mobile online casinos represents more than 70% of web traffic.