Mega Money Wheel is a brand new casino game. With a jackpot of one million dollars up for grabs, it is no surprise the slot machine is already so successful in Canada.

The game is part of the Casino Rewards chain sites. One of their most iconic casino sites, Yukon Gold Casino, offers 150 Mega Wheel spins with just a $10 deposit. That means 150 chances to become a millionaire!

1 million dollar jackpot to be won on the Mega Money Wheel game
The Mega Money Wheel game is in the same genre as the Mega Moolah slot machines. Mega Moolah games are the biggest jackpot-winning online slots of all time at Casino Rewards sites.

Odds of winning a 1 million jackpot

What is the difference between the Mega Money Wheel game and a Mega Moolah slot machine?

First of all, the size of the maximum jackpot isn’t the same. For example, the max jackpot is 1 million on the Mega Money Wheel, while on the Mega Moolah, the max jackpot starts at 1 million and increases with each bet. In short, the Mega Moolah jackpot can easily reach millions of dollars by the time a lucky player wins the jackpot. However, when it comes to winning big, Mega Money Wheel has better odds thanks to its RTP rate.

Casino Rewards Sites

The sites in the Casino Rewards chain bring together online slot machines that Canadian players love. To date, the channel’s most popular games are titles from the Mega Moolah series. However, with the arrival of Mega Money Wheel on the Casino Rewards sites, we expect it will become one of the most coveted online slot machines on the web.

150 Mega Money Wheel spins for $10

The first Yukon Gold Casino welcome offer triggers 150 chances to win $1 million. All you have to do is register at the online casino and make a $10 deposit to activate the deal. You can also grab other wins with this $10 offer! However, it is no surprise that the million dollars at stake is interesting.

Mega Money Wheel info

The payout rate of the game is 96.17%. The slot machine is profitable with a payout frequency of around 1 in 3. Compared to other online slot machines that offer chances to win 1 million dollars, Mega Money Wheel is the juiciest on the market.

Bonuses and free spins

Casino Rewards has the best deals of all the bonus offers and spins on the internet.

Competing offers will likely emerge soon. It’s all about timing and market trends. Seeing Mega Money Wheel’s success, it is a safe bet that new spin offers will start appearing at many online casinos in Canada.

At the moment, you can find the most profitable offers at Yukon Gold Casino and Grand Mondial, both of which are pretty similar.

Win the Mega Money Wheel jackpot

Every player who bets on the slot can win the million dollars at stake. However, there are other wins available in the game’s bonus wheel. The smallest wins range from $40 to $250.

The game really starts to pay off when you activate the wheel’s bonus features. During these phases, there are three different prize pools to be won, worth $500, $2500, and 1 million.

Betting values and potential winnings

There are several levels of bets you can make on Mega Money Wheel. Whatever the size of your bets, you are always in with a chance of winning the million. But, as with all games like this, you boost your chances of winning big with max bets. Knowing this, you are better favoring a limited number of rounds but calibrating the bets at their highest levels.

Buck Stakes Studio

Buck Stakes Studios are the originators of the Mega Money Wheel game. Buck Stakes online slots developers are pros in the game. By joining forces with the Buck Stakes teams, the Casino Rewards sites, which include the Yukon Gold Casino site, have many players in search of games paying great prizes.