Terms and Conditions

The general conditions (GC) highlight the legal framework of the of the services on www.onlinecasino.partners (OCP) and their use by the user (UT.).

GCs of use must be accepted by any UT wishing to access this site. They constitute the contract between OCP and the UT. Access to the site signifies its acceptance of these GTCs. In case of non-acceptance of the GTC (general terms and conditions) of use stipulated in this contract, the UT (user) must waive access to the services offered by the site. OCP reserves the right to modify at any time the content in the terms and conditions of use.

Sébastien Frisco, who lives in Geneva, Switzerland, edits the Denmark-registered OCP website.
The site represents three distinct geographical areas; Canada, Quebec and the United Kingdom. If you’re not a resident in any of these areas, our content won’t provide you with reliable, relevant or up-to-date information.

This clause is intended to define the various essential terms of the contract:
UT: this term refers to any person who uses the site or any of the services offered. In other words, the user.
OCP: this term is an abbreviation of the domain name, onlinecasino.partners.

Access to services

OCP allows the UT free access to the following services: publications, comments, notices, and images.
Access to the site is free to anyone with an internet connection. All costs to access the services (hardware, software, internet connection, as well as any other expenses related to its navigation) are the users’ responsibility. OCP is not a shareholder or professionally associated with the various online casinos presented on the website. If you have requests for these external sites, you must contact their customer support directly.

OCP implements all the means possible to guarantee quality access to services. Any event due to force majeure resulting in malfunction or failure of the network or web server is not the responsibility of OCP.

Site Services may be subject to interruption, suspension or modification without prior warning. Whether for maintenance or any other case. The UT agrees not to claim compensation following the interruption, suspension or modification.

The UT can contact OCP via email at info@onlinecasino.partners.

Intellectual property

The trademarks, logos, signs and other content of OCP are subject to protection by the Code of Intellectual Property, and more specifically by copyright. The UT must request prior authorization for any reproduction, publication or copying of content.
Use of the contents for commercial purposes is prohibited.
Any content posted by the UT is their responsibility and agrees never to upload content that may harm the interests of third parties. The UT will support any legal action brought by an affected third party against OCP.

Liability and force majeure

OCPs’ information sources are reliable. However, the site reserves the right of a non-guarantee of the reliability of sources. The information given on the site is for informational purposes only. Thus, the UT assumes sole responsibility for the use of the sites information and contents.
The responsibility of the site cannot be committed in case of force majeure or the unpredictable and insurmountable fact of a third.

Hypertext links

All outgoing hypertext links are not the responsibility of OCP. The UT cannot make OCP responsible for anything concerning the contents and the resources relating to these hypertext links. Per the law, OCP informs the UT that the hypertext links on this site are for the most part linked to affiliate programs. If you register at one of these sites as a UT, the OCP owner may receive revenue from your online activities.
Hypertext links


The length of this agreement is indefinite. The contract takes effect when a UT starts using the services. If you have not reached the legal age in your country of residence, or are subject to a gambling addiction, you must leave this site.

Responsible attitude and fight against addiction

It is vital for you to know that if you play real money compulsively, you may find yourself in a difficult situation quickly. Also, the amount of money you bet on an online casino should not exceed your budget, or cause debt. On OCP, we advise sensitive players not to play real money on gambling sites. If you think you are at risk on betting games, you should immediately call for help.
In Canada, some institutions can help you, for free and in complete confidentiality.
Below, we recommend two help centers that can be contacted any time.

Game, help and reference

Montreal and surrounding areas, tel. 24/7 at 514 527-0140
In Quebec, tel. 1 800 461-0140
Online help at: AideJeu

CAMH – Problem Gambling

Gambling becomes a problem when it affects a person’s daily activities, mental/physical health, reputation and relationships, and hurts their finances.
If you think you have problems with gambling addiction, contact CAMH.
Phone: 416 535-8501
More info at www.camh.ca