Our www.onlinecasino.partners website opened to the public on 1st March 2019. Hosted by one.com, we use WordPress to make all our pages. One.com is one of the world’s most successful Unix web hosts and is popular in Canada with many bloggers and Webmasters. The articles published in all sections of our site are authentic. So, we can give you a great reading experience about useful and current topics of interest.

Core values

Our guides core values are to be relevant and professional. Contributors publish the most varied content possible. Everything we write is in the interest of players. Furthermore, the OCP auditors (www.onlinecasino.partners) have access through our website to factual information. You’ll never see advertising banners encouraging players to bet money without thinking.
Compared to other casino guides, www.onlinecasino.partners has a different approach. We stay neutral and never favor one operator over another. In this way, our guide can act as an unbiased reference point for readers.
Content and copywriting on our site


Our team at www.onlinecasino.partners write realistic and committed opinions, without any compromise. Thanks to our editors’ skills, every page provides exclusive content. All the information is thoroughly detailed and verified. Like newspapers or technical magazines, the moderators of this site make yearly reports.
These reports are intended to go the extra mile. Firstly, new aspects in the virtual casino industry are prioritized, along with new technologies. Secondly, we look at artificial intelligence and info on the latest tools for live play in real game rooms. Moreover, we tested all betting games in real mode with real money. We play and inspect every game down to every last detail.

The team

Our specialized team all come from different backgrounds. What unites them is their strong desire for entertainment and challenges. They don’t hesitate to interview leaders in the gambling industry. These may be owners of gambling houses, as well as casino game providers. Sometimes, dealers and players are also approached to find out more about specific games. The global vision of our authors brings an excellent level of expertise. Our team at www.onlinecasino.partners have a refined taste for playing games, but responsibly and thoughtfully. This unique approach is what makes our site stand out from all others.

The law

We target all the content on our site at readers in Canada. All the guides links and images are intended to inform players looking for relevant information. It is illegal for minors to gamble. You must have reached legal age before visiting the suggested sites on our website. If you don’t live in Canada, we advise you find a different site suited to your location. Since the site is about online gambling, there’s no guarantee all the information is relevant to you if you’re from a region that limits access to gambling. If you’re in the US, China or Russia, be aware that the law formally prohibits any unauthorized gambling activity. However, in Canada, playing at online casinos is legal. Same goes for the United Kingdom and most of the EEC countries.
The Gambling law in Canada


All the editor’s identities on our site are not made public for privacy reasons. This allows our team to remain neutral and impartial. So we can confidently recommend gaming rooms that have proven themselves legal and fair.


We don’t offer advertising or marketing campaigns to casino operators or game providers. As such, we do not respond to requests from affiliate programs. The online casino brands displayed on our website meet all our objective criteria. We make these decisions without external influence. Every choice we make benefits users looking for reliable and valid games.