Step into the world of Ultra Warp Roulette, a cutting-edge creation by Switch Studios, unveiled in August 2023.

Accessible to players in Canada, this Roulette game is a chance to win jackpots up to 5000 times your original bet. The difference is enormous compared to classic Roulettes, limiting winnings to 35 times the stake.

All the appeal of the Ultra Warp Roulette game comes from 4 Lucky numbers and a TRI RISE number. These numbers are selected at random with each spin of the 36-number wheel.

By betting on unique numbers, your chances of winning big are a reality!

Ultra Warp Roulette game pays jackpots of 5000 times the stake

Ultra Warp Roulette: Lucky Numbers and TRI RISE

Lucky Numbers and Tri Rise have winning multipliers. The 4 lucky numbers have win multipliers of up to 200x the stake, and the TRI RISE displays a multiplier of 250x to 5000x the stake.

If you make winning bets on numbers that are not lucky numbers or the TRI RISE, it pays 19 times the bet. Multiple bet options mirror those of classic casino Roulette.

Ultra Warp Roulette RTP Rate

With an RTP rate of 97.3%, Ultra Warp Roulette matches the standard set by European Roulette. However, what sets this game apart is its ability to deliver colossal jackpots with winning bets on single numbers.

Strategies for Winning the 5000x Jackpot

Ultra Warp Roulette has a mechanism similar to video slots offering chances to win massive jackpots. Thanks to the ingenuity of the game designers, Switch Studios Roulette attracts jackpot hunters. The result is that lucky players could win a fortune at any moment!

Consider betting on multiple numbers during each game round to maximize your chances of winning the 5000x jackpot on Ultra Warp Roulette. Additionally, opting for higher bets can lead to colossal jackpot prizes. The strategy lies in both quantity and size.

Betting Ranges and Opportunities

Ultra Warp Roulette caters to a wide range of players, with bets starting at just 25 cents. Surprisingly, even a 25-cent wager can mean $1250 in winnings. For those seeking bigger prizes, bets can go as high as $50 per spin, potentially yielding a thrilling $250,000 jackpot. Remember that betting on Lucky Numbers also presents the opportunity for substantial gains.

Winning Bets on TRI RISE

Winning bets on the TRI RISE number unlock jackpots ranging from 250x to an amazing 5000x your stake. The game provides clear minimum and maximum betting limits, which you can find in the payout table, making betting on a single number the ultimate attraction of Ultra Warp Roulette.

Payout table of bets and winning stakes

Ultra Warp Roulette Online Casinos

If you’re keen to try the Ultra Warp Roulette game, our guide’s experts recommend the prestigious online casinos Grand Mondial and Zodiac Casino.

By registering at Grand Mondial or Zodiac Casino, you can win $1 million on the Mega Money Wheel game with your first real money deposit. In addition, there are generous bonuses playable on Ultra Warp Roulette up for grabs.

Switch Studios

Switch Studios has earned its reputation as a leading publisher of top-quality electronic roulette games. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their affiliate partnerships and the popularity of their games among online players.

One of their most renowned creations is “Roulette Mega Moolah“, a unique 36-number wheel linked to the Mega Moolah slot machine network, where even a 25-cent bet can lead to million-dollar wins.

For slot enthusiasts, the Mega Moolah series is a must-try. These slot machines are famed for their record-breaking jackpots. In April 2023, a lucky player at the Yukon Gold Casino scored a staggering $10 million jackpot on one of the network’s slot machines.