Since August 2022, Mega Money Wheel, a creation from Games Global, has taken the Canadian casino scene by storm. You can now find this Wheel of Chance game in the catalogs of several online casinos featured on our website. Our research has identified Zodiac Casino as a prime destination for frequent Mega Money Wheel winners.

Jackpot Mega Money Wheel Jeu

Online Wheels of Luck

Mega Money Wheel is the pinnacle of online Wheel of Luck games, offering unmatched winning potential. Mega Money Wheel stands out as the ultimate choice compared to similar games. The game’s allure lies in its million-dollar Mega Jackpot, attainable with bets as low as 10 cents per spin.

Mega Money Wheel in Casino Guides

While the Mega Money Wheel from Buck Stakes Entertainment is relatively new, it has quickly become a highlight in casino guides. It enjoys top billing at prominent online casinos such as Grand Mondial, Yukon Gold Casino, and Zodiac Casino. These sites offer free spins as part of their welcome packages, providing players a chance to win a millionaire’s fortune.

Since its 2022 launch, dedicated guides have sprung up, echoing the game’s rise, reminiscent of the iconic Mega Moolah slot machine that debuted in 2006.

Game Publisher

Mega Money Wheel is a creation of Buck Stakes, a partner publisher of Games Global. Buck Stakes specializes in developing online slots with bonus win features that boost your winning potential. The Wheel of Chance is a standout slot machine in their collection, with other noteworthy titles like:

  • 9 Skulls of Gold
  • Betty’s Big Bonanza
  • Money Mines


Jackpot Payout Frequencies

Mega Money Wheel boasts an impressive payout frequency of approximately 35%, with nearly one in three spins resulting in a win. The game’s pinnacle remains the million-dollar jackpot, while other Wheel of Luck jackpots peak at $10,000. A bonus wheel feature within the game offers three levels of jackpots: Mini, Major, and Mega. The Mini and Major jackpots have values proportional to the height of your bet. The Major jackpot pays out a substantial 500 times the stake.

Top-Performing Casino for the Mega Money Wheel game

Among online casinos featuring Mega Money Wheel, Zodiac Casino reigns supreme. This renowned casino welcomes players with an enticing package, including 80 free spins and bonuses up to $480. Zodiac Casino consistently ranks at the forefront of the best Canadian online casinos, attracting players who have struck it rich on the Mega Money Wheel game and Mega Moolah slot machines.

Playing Mega Money Wheel

Depending on your choice of online casinos, Mega Money Wheel is free in demo mode. However, by opting for casinos offering deposit bonus spins, you can fully immerse yourself in the game and increase your chances of winning the million-dollar prize. Zodiac Casino, for instance, offers this experience for just one dollar, making it a worthwhile investment.

Mega Money Wheel has become one of Canada’s top slot machines, offering simplicity and high entertainment value. You can find detailed information on how it works via the game’s help menu.

Comparison with Progressive Slots

While progressive jackpot slots offer colossal payouts, Mega Money Wheel stands out among games offering the chance to win $1 million. With a 96% redistribution rate and a high payout frequency, Mega Money Wheel provides exceptional opportunities for significant wins. Winning the mega jackpot on Mega Money Wheel is significantly more achievable than progressive slots.

Fueled by fractions of player bets, Mega Moolah and WowPot progressive slots often boast prizes of over $10 million. The winnings are phenomenal when players hit the jackpot, as seen here in April 2023!

Budget and Strategy

Planning a substantial budget is essential to pursue millionaire aspirations in casino games. For instance, on Mega Money Wheel or Mega Moolah-type slot machines, playing at least 100 consecutive spins is an intelligent strategy.

With Mega Money Wheel accommodating bets ranging from 10 cents to $20 per spin, even a $10 budget can yield 100 chances at the million-dollar jackpot. Then, increasing bets to $20 further enhances your winning potential during gameplay.