Do you want a real face welcoming you as a VIP to your own online roulette table? If the answer’s yes, you won’t want to miss the chance to meet the dealers! Real Roulette is an exclusive online game offering an authentic casino Roulette experience without taking off to Las Vegas!
Take advantage of this exclusive game at online casinos like Spin Casino or Gaming Club. These top-notch sites are ranked among the best online casinos in Canada.
Real Roulette animation with your VIP dealer


Live Roulette from the comfort of your PC or mobile

Playing Real Roulette at Spin Casino gives you a taste of a luxury lifestyle, as you’ll always be treated like royalty at this Canadian casino. A first-class service awaits any player who sits down at the Roulette table. Have you ever wondered what’s behind the doors of the VIP rooms at sites like Spin Casino? Well, it’s time to stop wondering and start preparing for a game-changing experience.

With Real Roulette, you’ll have dealers available whenever and wherever you feel like playing. You can play when you’re out and about or without ever even having to leave the comfort of your own home!

Next-level gaming

Real Roulette was made possible thanks to careful work by Real Dealer from Microgaming. Instead of making just another Roulette game, they came up with the idea to give players an authentic, interactive experience. This idea is now a reality in the live casino rooms at Spin Casino or Gaming Club. Get ready to be transported to your dream Roulette lounge thanks to the sound effects, graphics and real dealers calling out your bets. Any new member of Spin Casino or Gaming Club is immediately rewarded with generous welcome bonuses. Named the best online casino in the world by many comparison guides, Gaming Club is one of the few casino sites to remember if you’re looking for excellence.


Live-streamed Roulette table

To give you a truly life-like experience, Real Roulette with dealers uses a high-quality stream to any of your devices. This means that gameplay is smooth and uninterrupted. Whether you’re playing from a smartphone or a desktop, you’ll never need to worry about glitching graphics.
If you do choose to play on your Android mobile or iPhone device, there’s no need to worry about calls or messages messing up your game. You can resume playing afterward, and everything will be just as you left it.

Live streaming roulette on your smartphone

Making your bets on the Roulette

Whether you’re a pro playing your favorite go-to bets, or a beginner still getting the hang of it, the fast-paced action of the Roulette table is fun for everyone! You’ll always have a view of the table in Real Roulette so that you can place your bets with confidence. Or, if you have preferred go-to bets, you can program them in the settings so there’s no break in the action. There are up to six bets available with just the click of a button. As well as the standard Roulette layout, you can choose to play racetrack bets too, with a different table layout and bets to keep things interesting time and time again.
Real online roulette at Spin Casino Canada

Helpful stats

If you like to play with strategies, you’ll love the statistics options available in Real Roulette. The game permits you to see data from the last hundred spins. This includes hit percentages for each number, range, and color. The stats feature also pulls out hot and cold numbers so you can plan your next moves. On the other hand, you can follow your gut and impress the dealers with your luck!
Real Roulette has an average 97.5% payout percentage and low volatility. With a total hit frequency of 48% you’ll stay on the edge of every spin. Real Roulette pays more often than the American version of casino Roulette which has an RTP of 94.74%. Thus, this game is attracting players who favor games that pay well.

Betting limits

If you want to play a low-stakes game, minimum bets start at just C$0.25. You can also aim high with the maximum bets of C$1000. With any luck, you’ll win several thousand dollars and cement your status as a high-rolling VIP.

Staying safe when gambling online

You don’t have to choose between convenience or gaming experience anymore. When you play Real Roulette, you’ll have both. The casino is available for everyone, no matter how far you live from Las Vegas or any other casino in Canada. What’s more, with the ease of mobile gaming, you can play a quick game whenever you are and bet on the go.
Nowadays, playing Roulette online is simple and safe at sites like Spin Casino and Gaming Club. The fact that these online casinos are registered in Canada means that all the legal limits and obligations are guaranteed.