Mini Casino Roulette is a miniature version of 36 number Roulette. The wheel only has 13 spaces, including the numbers 1 to 12 and a Zero space. The exciting part of the game is that it’s easy to win by betting on a full number. With this bet, you have a one in thirteen chance of hitting the jackpot!
The Playtech Mini Roulette game
The rules of Mini Roulette follow the same principle as American and European Roulettes. The difference is that everything is simpler. Since it’s only one-third of the stack of classic Roulette, controlling the game is easy.

Play Mini Roulette online

Mini Roulette is an invention from the developer Playtech. This company is one of the most reliable in the field of internet gambling. However, online casino sites don’t always feature Playtech games. The Playtech label is mainly on the platforms of big British bookmakers.

Which Playtech casino should I choose?

Which is the most recommended Playtech online casino? Overall, there’s one site that stands out from the rest – the Las Vegas Casino platform. The site, themed around the world’s gaming capital, has been online since 2002. Everything at the casino runs smoothly on any device, whether mobile, tablet, Mac or PC.

The best thing about Casino Las Vegas is their live Roulette games with real dealers. In fact, this site has the most well-rounded offering when it comes to Roulette. Live gaming means total immersion in a high-end games room. Playing against real dealers put Casino Las Vegas at the same level as Gaming Club, the most advanced high-tech casino site on the Internet. However, Mini Roulette is an instant play game, which means it isn’t playable with a real dealer.

Casino Las Vegas site review

Since launching online in 2002, Casino Las Vegas has proven to be a reliable site that complies with Canadian laws. In Canada, the casino has won players’ trust, especially since it’s certified by Interac. The casino games from Playtech are to-notch. This gambling games creator is one of the world leaders on the Internet. Both in Canada and around the world, Playtech is a must-have brand.


Compared to the industry’s most award-winning provider, the Microgaming Group, Playtech isn’t far behind. In fact, in a few countries, Playtech is on the verge of taking first place. This is particularly the case in England via the Bet365 site. FYI, Bet365, the world number one in distance gambling, is affiliated with Playtech.


The Bet365 and Playtech duo represent a considerable market share in many continents. Even in unexpected micro-markets like New Zealand, the duo prevails. Even though Bet365 is best known by sports betting fans on football and rugby matches, the group has managed to take market share in casino games. With Roulette alone, the Gambling site won over thousands of players in 2020.

The champion of Roulette

The Playtech and Casino Las Vegas duo prove strongest with table games. The Roulette and Blackjack tables are an absolute hit. It even offers games you won’t find on other live casino sites. There are variations that you can’t even find at Spin Casino, Canada’s most-played Live roulette site. Casino Las Vegas is the proud home of all online Roulette variants.

Bet on Mini Roulette online

Everything’s simple with the mini-game bets! There are only eight possible bets. Best of all, when the winning square is Zero, every single odds bet is paid back 50%. This advantage doesn’t exist in American and European Roulettes.

Betting on simple odds

Straight1 square12:1
Split2 squares6:1
Street3 squares4:1
Square4 squares3:1
Betting on multiple chances

Colors6 squares1:1
Odds/evens6 squares1:1
Column4 squares2:1
1/3 of the table4 squares2:1

Mini Roulette rules

You start the game by placing a chip on the table. But, you can make several bets at once. The smallest bets start at $1, and the highest bets are up to $100. As soon as stakes are down, just press [SPIN]. If you’re lucky enough to win, the winning bets paid out straight away. With each new game, an option allows you to restart the initial bet. This option is activated using the [REBET] button. If you want to stop playing, you can quit the game at any time. Of course, your assets are always available if you want to play again or switch to another game on the casino platform.

Mini Roulette reviews

This tiny Roulette wheel is charming! Also, the game options are easy to navigate. Compared to 36-number Roulette wheels, 12-number Roulette is a breeze. However, there is a downside to Mini Roulette as the gambling house has a 7.69% margin on outside bets. This margin represents a return to player of 92.31%, which isn’t great for a casino game. However, by betting on simple odds, the casino’s margin is reduced to 3.85%, making a payout rate of 96.15%. This trick puts Mini Roulette on the same level as other casino Roulette wheels.